A Hunter’s Awakening.

She was a simple child. She followed simple rules for she had a simple heart and led a simple life. A person of science and logic, she was raised in a normal household and went to a relatively normal school. Something on the inside, was different. She had always found it harder to bear injustice. Even as a child she found the ideals of truth, honor and pure souls fascinating. However, when she grew up, she was thrust into a world full of predators, flatterers, oath breakers and paranoia.

Heart-break taught her to distrust men.

Betrayal taught her to distrust friends.

Torture taught her to distrust authority.

Wars in the name of religion, countries and race taught her to distrust faith, politicians and racists.

Greed taught her to distrust money.

Then she found herself. She changed in the most fundamental people can change when the world finally starts making sense to them. Her path became lit with reason and logic, a sense of calmness settled in her heart and her mind became sure.

Humanity left to itself tends to destroy itself. All the great civilizations perish, all new knowledge is lost to human greed and lust of wars. So, it is left to those who can see even without the eyes where the world is headed to, to check it from time to time and tend to its gaping wounds so the world can live.

A Hunter was born. A predator to most of the excesses of the world and one who protects the next generation, provides guidance to lost souls and those who seek the truth among the lies.

A worthy life is a life lived in teaching our kids to have the courage to live in the dangerous new world, and thrive.

Thoughts for today!


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  1. julienmatei October 19, 2012 at 8:15 AM

    Loved this

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