The world needs more heroes! Open Season

Heroes are the people who sacrifice themselves for the greater cause. Those people who dream and get visions of a great future and work hard to bring them into present reality; Who suspend their own personal gratifications to bring smile to others’ people’ faces. We still have many social problems but where have our great heroes gone?

The past century saw great battles in the world. It also saw the rise of many historical people and new scientific inventions. Still, the greatest people of that era are slowly dying off and there are not many people charismatic enough to take their places. Do people do not dream enough these days? Where are those leaders of men and women who can lead the world into a new vision! Open session for the names ……………….

You are free to nominate anybody…………..


4 thoughts on “The world needs more heroes! Open Season

  1. julienmatei October 23, 2012 at 12:31 AM

    I love this post.

    Society as it is today doesn´t allow the arising of heroes. There is this book I have – it´s called Spritual Emergency and one of the co-athors poses the same question. I will try to find this particular fragment if I manage. The gist of hiw words is:
    Why are we short of heroes today, where are all the great people? He goes on giving a blatant answer:

    Our greatest poets, prophets, visionaries, greate artists and musicians are to be found in our madhouses. Their message seemed so strikingly different, far-fetched and outlandish so by the fact that no one took them seriously, not having a fair chance to express their specific gift, – in short – this huge power inside of them not finding a natural course to be unleashed, turned them into misfits…and eventually insanity was the only option.

    Also the great heroes are amidst all the “normal people” people we know, who at some point decided to keep their mouth shut in order to survive. They have given up on their inner voice, as nobody was disposed to listen to them and take them seriously. So no wonder, in order to protect themselves they keep a low profile.

    So really – I nominate you a hero taking up this so incredible overarching and essential question.

    If I am allowed to take a break from false modesty, I want to tell you that I had the guts to go against and put up with all accademic and societal prejudice, demeaning ridicule and humiliation, and I have won over them all.

    The fruits of my courage are beginning to effloresce.

  2. ideflex October 23, 2012 at 1:09 AM

    Unsung Hero David Suzuki – for spending a lifetime championing all living beings’ rights to live in, and responsibility for achieving, a better, cleaner, safer world…

  3. djdfr October 24, 2012 at 1:28 AM

    I am looking for heroes–people who work to change themselves so as to be and do Good; those are the heroes of everyday life who will change the world. There is a man to whom our Creator spoke directly (Michel Potay); he has heroically transmitted the message and is setting an example for us of that inner change called penitence in The Revelation of Arès.

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