The upside down wonderland

What happens when the world suddenly stops turning, pauses and reverses, turning in the opposite directions. That is what I am feeling when I was writing the post for today. Last few days have been so chaotic and at the same time rewarding.

I finally figured out a way to ignore the less esteemed but extremely irritating colleagues.

I got a new office; 🙂

It is much cooler and much better equipped other side of the building. It is also much quieter and provides a serene view and lots of sunshine; a rare commodity in the creeping cold.

It is where I am going to be writing my doctoral thesis and enjoying super espresso’ on a personal coffee machine. For a coffee addict it is a heaven away from home.

Feeling on top of the world. The world is a shiny red button!



2 thoughts on “The upside down wonderland

  1. Moss Piglet October 27, 2012 at 2:12 PM

    “Dear Sasha,
    I just realised I too have a shiny new office…that dark corner of my bedroom where my dusty desk & Netbook lived. WordPress came & blew the cobwebs well away, no longer lying on my bed digestin’ hours of TV…but Ooo this morning I have a sore neck from all this frantic typing, time to go home from me’ office & lie down back on bed…just realised it is the WEEkEND!
    Enjoy your new space,
    Kind regards

    • Sasha Hunter October 27, 2012 at 6:30 PM

      Thank you Evelyn,
      I sure am enjoying the new space and new everything else.

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