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If regular TV was functional in 1950’s in the western world then why did they not use it for mass education and vocational training

I have just sat down after a long haul of work related stressful day and really started thinking on the thoughts blurring barely below my consciousness today.

We have had TV  and before that cinema invented at least half a century ago. Both are powerful mediums in their own rights in their ability to reach people in the remote corners of the villages. Both of these could have been easily employed to teach our kids science, arts, maths and other professional courses much better than third rate institutes and private schools who thrive on expensive tuition and their rigorous entry procedures ( mentality which instills discipline through humiliation, intimidation and general nastiness ) churning out blue blooded white collars demanded by an industrial world.

So, the question today is not why can’t they? The question is why didn’t they?

A few answers spring to my mind?

1. TV programs are dimmed down to only the level of general entertainment to make them easy for manipulation.

2. The private school thrive on providing access to an elite education; a format which would be rendered ineffective if TV was used to start teaching people (Mass education reaching millions of homes at the same time.)


Is homeschooling better option than public/private schooling

In the era of standardized tests and rote memorization is private or public school really a better option for your kid. I have gone through years of public school and then few years of college myself. I now work as a researcher in education.

A 2009 study found that studies show home schoolers with a better grasp of study materials on average. They show a 37 point better grasp than other school kids; a significant advantage. The benefits of going through with home schooling include more free time for kids, more opportunities for them to go out and socialize, better learning aids and personal touch to their education that is absent from the commercialized or state sanctioned education. Also, the parental encouragement keeps the kids healthy and well balanced because they forge better understanding and strong foundations in basic knowledge; nuanced learning is one advantage that these kids will always have over others.

These kids are also not bullied, they face less social pressure and less likely to fall into unhealthy habits than normal kids exposed to less than stellar teachers in public school.

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