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Bored of TV

It’s official. I admit it. I hate watching TV. The reason for hating most of the television programs on the air is simple. The quality of TV has dramatically gone down. Now all the channels are busy in producing mindless crap repeated over and over by similar looking actors in similar sounding plots or similar reality shows that I have become starved for good old fashioned old shows.

There was a time when every channel used to hold on its own. While I can still tolerate occasional episode of Top Gear or Dr. Who (reruns – David Tennant was the best Doctor with his crazy antics), the rest of the TV viewing experience has dramatically reduced in both sense and style.

Where has all the talent in the TV industry gone? They can’t all have adjusted into the reality shows (most of whom are supremely annoying), or gone into the movies.

The only channels I watch with same level of interest as before are sadly the science channels. I am doomed to a life of boredom!



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