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Just an update

Hi guys and gals who are still hanging around,

I am on a hiatus (kind of). i am writing several new papers and the work is kinda hard. I will check in soon for good. Until then, enjoy life while you are alive.

By the way;

Last year was sort of a big splash maker. I finally found a solution to the problem that I was working on for fourteen years. I finally figured out a way to cure financial disability (poverty) for a lot of people.  I will be launching my first company very soon. Wish you all a very happy (belated) new year.

I have finally reached the eccentricity that characterizes many good scientist on the screens. laughs !


The Truth will out

The hurricane Sandy had made the world, especially USA and China stand up and acknowledge what the scientists have been trying to tell people for a long time.


My heart goes out to the people who are affected by this natural disaster; I however, also have to acknowledge that the people have to recognize what their politicians are not trying to see for decades; the effects of brutalizing and preying upon dwindling natural resources.

The nature is fighting back. Just take a look around all the major natural disasters in the last decade; The devastating Tsunamis in the eastern counties the damaging earthquakes, the floods in Europe and a spate of hurricanes  in the USA.

We need to sit up and adapt fast or we will we wiped out from the surface of the earth due to our own follies and denial of harsh realities. Open to interpretation!

When other people dictate how you live your life

Guess what is a person who lives a life dictated by others (who considered themselves born superiors) used to be called in the old times. I see you have arrived at the word. Now take a look at your world around. Insurance agents are dictating how your home is maintained, the police dictates where you can park your car, whether the dog can take a walk on the beach, even your boss can decide whether or not you are allowed to smoke and fire you if you refuse to give up the habit. The rapid coverage of media ensures that any accident goes viral as soon as possible.

Lets take a breath and think for a minute. Are you truly living a free life? Some people might argue that the banned things are banned for a reason and we should respect the law etc. I am not arguing in the favor of breaking the laws, neither am I advocating a dangerous lifestyle. What I am arguing is, for the right to make the decisions, that I find favorable. Do I get to make them?

Let’s see. If I start to read a website, I get targeted ads trying to sell me products that their advertisers think, I may like (What I would like, is for them to leave me alone and stop bombarding my computer with dubious quality products). If I open up TV, I get to watch 10 minutes of advertisements for every half an hour show (which cannot be skipped even if you record the show – new rule). Funny right.

Then the biggest pet peeve of all. The advertising people make most of the ads so obviously biased and manipulative, that a preteen can see that they are being emotionally manipulated. Fashion world touting its anorexic airbrushed models has led us to a world, where every second person is starving/ dieting himself /herself to fit into that dream dress/ get into that college jeans. The big brands have led us to believe that buying over the top priced stuff will make you happy, more confident. Banks have led you to believe that getting into debt is sure way to your own apartment, car and 25 inch plasma screen. Movies and print media has led you to believe that getting a certain deodorant will get you women. REALLY? A new make of a car is supposed to get women! You get the drift.

So, the big question is. Are you living your life on your terms? Are you really being dictated to in every aspect of your life by big bosses sitting in high rises and getting a laugh at your ignorance.

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